About Us

Who we are – Mistral Company:

The name Mistral is associated with food, culinary art and quality.

We have already been around for 30 years, long before people knew what Flambe’ or Foie Gras were. We have been accompanying and advising numerous chefs, restaurateurs and hotels.

Our clients enjoy the best of knowledge, variety, support and kitchenware for success.

Mistral=high quality, reasonable prices and personal support.

How personal?

  • Getting to know our client and understanding his needs.
  • Shipment of equipment to the business.
  • Active support – an agent arrives to check what is lacking and gives suggestions, ideas and examples.

Cooking is a story of love and passion.

It is much more than a hobby or profession. Our clients’ passion is our passion.

Who we are – Mistral’s culinary compound:

Mistral – The largest and most innovative culinary compound in Israel:

All brand name products. All the kitchenware. All the equipment. All our experience. The entire experience.

5000 meters of endless kitchenware and complementary products for restaurants, café’s, bars, pubs, hotels and home kitchens – all types and all prices:

  • A huge variety of brand name products and professional companies,
  • A shop for work-clothes, an area with kitchens for restaurants and a shop for disposable utensils.
  • Even a pizzeria, café’ and bar!

Just like in the spectacular markets of leading culinary capitals in the world.

Phone: 03-6836004 - Fax: 03-6817263 - Store address: Ben Zvi Way 29, Tel-Aviv